EXPLORE – HyEnD’s First LOx Hybrid Rocket

HyEnD is proud to announce that the development of its first ever liquid oxygen hybrid rocket EXPLORE (Experimental Paraffin Liquid Oxygen Rocket) is in full gear. EXPLORE is intended to be a stepping stone for a bigger project, using a variety of new subsystems to prove their sustainability.

The rocket will be able to reach a maximum altitude of 4500m while continuously transmitting telemetry data. Data will be recorded using a TeleMega and an Arduino. We will manufacture the structure out of carbon fibre composites, in order to not surpass the targeted launch weight of 19kg. EXPLORE’s dual parachute recovery system will be radially ejected, as this has been proven feasable with the successful recovery of our CanSat Launcher. Besides our usual paraffin mixture, we will utilize liquid oxygen as oxidizer. As liquid oxygen doesn’t possess the same self-pressurisation capabilities as nitrous oxide, which has been used as oxidizer in the past, an external pressurisation system for it’s tank is being developed. Passive stabilisation is achieved using four fins attached to the rear end of the rocket.

The preliminary definition phase of the project has been completed and detailed designs for the different subsystems are currently being developed.

More updates will follow soon!