Project Update

Compass launched successfully

On 25 June 2021, HyEnD successfully launched its subscale demonstator rocket „Compass“ for the DLR STERN project. The launch took place at the Truppenuebungsplatz (military training area) Heuberg. Compass was able to reach an altitude of more than 3200 m / 10,000 ft above ground and an initial accelleration of more than 6.5 g. During ascent, all systems performed nominally. Drogue and main parachutes were ejected– however, the main parachute was not able to unfold, and the rocket landed with a descent rate of about 20 m/s. This resulted in some damage to structural components and the fluid system. We want to thank all supporters that have made this launch possible! Scroll down for more pictures of the launch.

Note: All participants were tested negative for COVID-19 or were fully vaccinated.