Project Update

N₂ORTH Rocket Unveiled for the First Time

Our new rocket N2ORTH was unveiled for the first time at an event at the Materialpruefungsanstalt (MPA) Stuttgart on Wednesday, 26th October.
In the days before, three years hard work of more than 60 students came together for the first time. The project is funded by the STERN programme of the German Aerospace Center. Thanks to its dry mass of less than 70 kg, up to 145 kg of propellant mass and the efficient propulsion system, N2ORTH is HyEnD’s most powerful rocket. We are proud to announce that N2ORTH is also technologically capable of reaching the frontier of space, the Kármán line. However, the targeted altitude is still subject to change and will be chosen in accordance to our trajectory simulations, safety regulations at Esrange and weather conditions. The launch of the rocket is currently planned for April 2023.

The unveil of the rocket took place in the presence of representatives of the University of Stuttgart, the German Aerospace Center and partners from industry. We especially want to thank the Coordinator for Aerospace of the German Feder Government, Dr. Anna Christmann, for her visit.

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Photos: HyEnD, MPA Stuttgart