Project Update

Recovery System Test successful

Flying up to 16,000 feet and dropping 79 kg from an aircraft: Under these conditions, we were able to perform the first system test of the entire recovery system of our sounding rocket N2ORTH. By evaluating the drop sequence, we could determine whether all components of the two-stage system work nominally in interaction with one another. At the same time, we wanted to investigate the canopy behavior during deployment in subsonic conditions as well as the integrity of all structural components.

Apart from minor design flaws in structural components, the test was completed successfully. Both parachutes withstood the occurring loads and showed a stable descent. The load switch from the drogue the main parachute worked out properly with a nominal main parachute deployment at about 1,000 m above ground. After descending 300 s, the drop test demonstrator landed safely in the designated landing zone of the Heuberg military training area.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners who supported us in the successful realization of this project during the last month. Big thanks to the companies like “LIROS GmbH” (ropes), “Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG” (yarns), “Güth & Wolf GmbH” (aramid bands/harness), “EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG” (shock absorber), “Heathcoat Fabrics Limited” (drogue parachute aramid fabric) and “EVOTEC” (main parachute) for providing materials/components together with technical support.

Furthermore, a special thanks goes to the German Armed Forces and “Skydive Saulgau GmbH“ for the safe conduction of our test.