N2ORTH Launch Campaign

N2ORTH Launch Campaign: Stay up to date

From 11th to 25th April this year, 16 HyEnD team members will visit the European Space and Sounding Rocket Range (Esrange) close to Kiruna, Sweden. And we plan to not bring one – but two N2ORTH rockets with us!

On this blog, we will keep you up to date regarding the launch campaign and the progress we are making. If you want to learn more about the project and the vehicle, take a look here.

Here is the current schedule for the launch campaign. Please note that details of it are still subject to change.

Campaign Schedule as of Sunday, 23rd April:

Monday, 10th AprilArrival of HyEnD Team in Esrange
Tuesday, 11th AprilContainer unloading
Wednesday, 12th AprilLaunch Rail Assembly, Rocket Integration
Thursday, 13th AprilRocket Integration N2ORTH SN1
Friday, 14th AprilRoll-out and Boxing of N2ORTH SN1
Saturday, 15th AprilImprovement of Rocket Launcher Interfaces
Check of Avionics
Start of filling the Intermediate Tanks (GSE)
Sunday, 16th AprilLaunch Preparations
Monday, 17th AprilFlight Readiness Review (FRR)
Test Countdown
Completion of filling the Intermediate Tanks (GSE)
Tuesday, 18th AprilLaunch Attempt N2ORTH SN1 (in the morning)
Wednesday, 19th April
Thursday, 20th AprilComponent Preparation N2ORTH SN2
Friday, 21st AprilRocket Integration N2ORTH SN2
Saturday, 22nd AprilRoll-out N2ORTH SN2, Boxing
Sunday, 23rd AprilBoxing, Refueling of Intermediate Tanks
Monday, 24th AprilLaunch Attempt N2ORTH SN2
Tuesday, 25th AprilContainer loading
Wednesday, 26th AprilArrival of HyEnD Team in Stuttgart