Project Update

Final Propulsion System & Loading Procedure Test of N₂ORTH

HyEnD has successfully conducted its final system test on Thursday, 8th December! The test included the oxidizer loading procedure using the Ground Support Equipment as well as a hot fire with the hybrid engine and rocket’s fluid system components.

During the oxidizer loading procedure, temperatures and pressures were measured across multiple parts of the Ground Support Equipment and 160 L oxidizer tank. We are happy to report that the test showed a high level of precision during the loading procedure, as we were able to precisely set the amount of oxidizer as well as temperature and pressure conditions in the tank.

The hot fire of the propulsion system showed stable and efficient combustion throughout the operation time. With a peak thrust of more than 15 kN and a total impulse of 255 kNs at sea level, we are confident that the propulsion system is capable of pushing N2ORTH to the frontier of space. The in-flight impulse of this configuration will be even higher since effects like flow separation will occur later in the operation time due to lower ambient pressure at higher altitudes. Moreover, the test showed good accordance to the simulation carried out in advance. This is especially important to ensure a safe flight trajectory of the rocket.

A video of the test can be found on YouTube:

As this was our final hot fire within the scope of the STERN 2 project, we would like to thank the DLR Institute of Space Propulsion for their fantastic support during the last years. Since September 2020, more than 60 hot fires were conducted, and we learned a lot! We are now fully focused on the final production and assembly steps and are looking forward to our launch campaign in April 2023.