N2ORTH Launch Campaign

Launch Attempt of 2nd Rocket on Monday!

We are proud to announce that we are planning to launch our second N₂ORTH rocket tomorrow, Monday! With this launch, we hope to reach an altitude of more than 100 km and thus the frontier of space.

What is the difference between the two launches?

Since N₂ORTH is a new launch vehicle, we need to make sure it performs as expected. That is why we limited the oxidizer mass and launcher elevation for the first launch. Since the first launch showed a high agreement between the simulated and real trajectory, we are now allowed to increase the oxidizer mass and launcher elevation for the second launch attempt.

Are both rockets identical?

Both N₂ORTH rockets feature the same component design with one exception: The first N₂ORTH rocket features an oxidizer tank with an aluminum liner. The oxidizer tank of the second N₂ORTH rocket is a liner-less Type V pressure vessel with a ETFE coating on the inside to ensure compatibility with nitrous oxide. This reduces the rocket mass by 7.7 kg. Originally, it was the plan to have two rockets with liner-less tanks, but that was not possible due to delays in the supply chain.

1st N₂ORTH Rocket2nd N₂ORTH Rocket
Dry Mass76.9 kg69.2 kg
Fuel Mass25.8 kg25.8 kg
Oxidizer Mass95 kg≈ 105 kg (TBD)
Launcher Elevation81.4°≈ 83° (TBD)

How can I watch the launch?

The launch will take place no earlier than 12:00 CEST / UTC+2. The Swedish Space Corporation SSC will provide a livestream on their YouTube channel. We will keep you updated on the launch via our website and social media in the following days.